High Heelz EDM remix

The Movement

KIMBER LE' emerges with High Ambitions to empower and shift the industry in a different direction!

KIMBER LE' is an artist that manages to be impressive on all fronts.
With her powerful vocals and captivating performance, she has proven time and time again why she deserves a spot on the top. Having developed musical skills and tastes of this caliber so early on in her career, KIMBER LE' was born an entertainer.

Over the past few months KIMBER LE' has put the final touches on her soon to be released debut EP.
This will be the first to hit the shelves in what is going to be a long line of innovative releases. Combining years spent mastering her craft and a team that includes some of the best producers and sound engineers in the business, it’s safe to say fans are more than a bit excited to hear this one.

With the passion and talent KIMBER LE' brings to the table, things are not going to be slowing down from here. Make sure you get your headphones and strap yourself in because this is an artist you’ll need to keep both eyes and ears on so that you don’t miss a beat.

New Releases

The Merch

KIMBER LE' Exclusives Coming Soon.


Shows & Appearances

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